Update 0.5

Hello everyone, happy weekend.

we have been working on technical work around the performance and extra challenges:

- Connection between equalizers ( as the level will end after you connect all the equalizers to unlock the geometrical shape, this will be out first testing on the connecting )

- instant drop turrets upon destroying building ( just for extra resistance and challenge for the player to face )

- Added Buffs and power ups

- Circular power up gives you extra protection/shield

- Eye power up unlocks the top view for an extra sight mode

- Restarting the game no longer repeats the soundtrack in stead it keeps on looping until level is complete

- The DMT bar is decreased in total points

thank you for your feed back guys please join our discord channel and share with us your thoughts https://discord.gg/twShrem

 Have a great day !



ProjectDMT.apk 50 MB
Nov 04, 2017


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